Randy DonGiovanni Ministries - randydon.org - RandyDon Ministries is focused on Reaching, Raising and Releasing the youth of this generation through topical preaching, motivational speaking and relevant life experiences.

Lean On Me Outreach Centerleanonmeoutreach.org - Lean On Me is dedicated to supporting struggling families. They offer food, clothing, furniture, household goods, ect. to meet the needs around us.

Stephen & Pam Marshall - livingroomchurch.org and stephenandpam.org - Stephen has been made the president of a long standing well respected mission evangelistic organization. In the past this organization has produced thousands of mission outreach events that have resulted in over 3 million people becoming sons and daughters of God. Building on that strong foundation Stephen & Pam now have a mandate to empower generations of individuals and leaders in the market place and in ministry with Life Tools to Live Life Strong in the power of their true identity.

The Bear Manthebearman.com - Jim VanSteenhouse (aka The Bear Man) was viciously attacked by a Grizzly Bear. A man of faith, he found that faith tested when the world’s largest carnivore tossed him like a ragdoll, with its teeth ripping his flesh, breaking his bones, and raking into his skull. Jim survived by the grace of God and with help from his brave Canadian guide.

Grace Internationalgracechurches.tv - Crossfire Church is a member of Grace International which is a global family of churches that covers and connects pastors, plants churches, and equips leaders.

Family Research Councilfrc.org - FRC seeks to inform the news media, the academic community, business leaders, and the general public about family issues that affect the nation from a biblical worldview.

Great Commission Media Ministries - gcmediaministries.org - GCM Ministries conducts Mega City Media Saturation Campaigns SUPPORTING LOCAL CHURCH GROWTH.

Trinity Bible College and Graduate School - trinitybiblecollege.edu - Trinity Bible College & Graduate School is committed to training and educating people with theological reflection and missional passion in order that people and communities everywhere will hear the good news of Jesus and see His love demonstrated.

Kamal Saleem - koomeministries.com - Kamal Saleem has a passion for teaching on radical Islam’s true agenda, and the power of praying for Muslims around the world. His intent is to dispel the fear that many have in reaching out to their Muslim co-workers, neighbors, and friends. Kamal’s focus is to train, deploy, and mobilize the saints for the salvation of Muslims through the love of Christ.

Tammy Trent Ministries - tammytrent.com - Tammy Trent is a gifted communicator who draws her audience close with her contagious humor and fun, energetic personality and yet, the sincerity of her heart and wisdom of life experience is woven through the very words she speaks and sings. She has reached millions around the world through her story of tragedy to triumph and says, "One of my greatest privileges on this journey of hope is to be able to remind others that we can never interpret our numbness as God's absence in our lives."

The Master's Vineyard / Voices United USA - themastersvineyard.org - Pastor Judy Hemmila founded these ministries to reach across the globe with the Good News of the gospel. She has taken it to many different countries, as she has ministered through music, teaching the Word of God, and seeing people set free of demonic control. The lasting results have been incredible for The Kingdom of God!