Loving God, Loving People


To be a spirit empowered church that ignites passion for Jesus Christ, shows us how to live a life of purpose, and restores us in our relationships. 


To train believers to engage the culture by living life according to biblical principles, verbally communicating our spiritual journey, and partnering with like minded churches in our area to create on atmosphere for spiritual awakening. 


I. The Bible
The Bible is God’s love letter to mankind to show us how to have an intimate relationship with God. The bible teaches us that Heaven is a free gift; it is not earned or deserved. Mankind, however, are sinners and cannot save themselves. Doing good deeds is like mopping a dirt floor; the more you clean it, the dirtier it gets. I Peter1: 20-21; II Timothy 3: 16-17; John 16: 13; I Thessalonians 2: 13.

II. Mankind
God is a loving God who loves us with an everlasting love but hates and cannot tolerate our sin nature. Sin’s basic definition is living life on one’s own terms without God. Mankind has a dilemma: God loves us with an everlasting love but cannot have a relationship with us because of our sin problem. God loved mankind so much that he took the initiative and sent His only Son Jesus Christ to earth to live among us. He was both God & man. He was tempted with every sinful thought, attitude, and practice that mankind faces and yet He never sinned. He died a criminal’s death to pay for our sins and rose from the dead so that all those who trust in Him as Lord and Savior will also have eternal life: the best of both worlds, now and life after death. Jeremiah 31: 3; Ezekiel 18: 20; Romans 3: 10-12, 23; 6: 23.

III. Salvation and Eternal life
God freely offers eternal life to everyone. Eternal life becomes yours when you receive it by faith. Faith is not intellectual ascent or temporary. It is trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life. Once you receive Christ, the bible says you become a Christian or a new creation in Christ. Acts 4: 12; 16: 31; Ephesians 2: 6-10; Romans 10: 9-10; I John 1: 9; II Corinthians 5: 17.

IV. Ordinances
Believers are commanded to be baptized by immersion which is a public testimony to our family and friends that we have died to our old self and have risen to new life in Christ. The bible teaches us that the Lord’s Supper (Called Communion) is an ordinance that we should regularly celebrate individually and corporately together to remind ourselves of Jesus’s death and resurrection. Romans 6: 1-4; Matthew 28: 19-20; Colossians 1: 12-13; Matthew 26: 26-29; I Corinthians 11: 23 -26.

V. The Church
When Jesus ascended to heaven, he sent the Holy Spirit to live in all believers. In other words, we were baptized into the body of Jesus Christ or into His church at large. All believers in Jesus comprise Christ’s church so there is only one church of believers that has many individual church expressions. Therefore, it is important for us to acknowledge other bible believing churches and to work with them to bring the message of Christ to our needy culture. The prime agency for the work of God’s kingdom is the Christian local church functioning under the sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 2: 41-47; 16: 4-5; Matthew 16: 18; Matthew 28: 18-20; John 17: 11, 22-23; Ephesians 1: 22-23; 4: 11-16;
VI. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
The Early church in the book of Acts was told to wait in Jerusalem for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to empower them for intimacy, service, and telling others about Jesus Christ. We refer to this as the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit”. The common sign of “speaking in tongues” was expressed by the early church believers when they experienced this empowerment. This experience is necessary for a life of intimacy with God in one’s personal and corporate worship. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit gives believers the desire and power to fulfill the great commission of Jesus to make disciples of all nations. The bible will become more understandable when you receive this experience because the Holy Spirit wrote the bible through men as He moved through them. Worship also becomes more intimate and personable. The worship in our church is powerful, liberating, and intimate because many of our people have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Acts 1: 4-5, 8; Acts Chapters 2, 8, 9, 10,19; I Corinthians 14: 5; I Corinthians 14: 14-15,18; Jude 20; Romans 8: 26-27.

VII. Spiritual Gifts
All believers have spiritual gifts that are essential to the health of the church. Each is encouraged to use their gifts for service so others will benefit from their efforts. Some gifts are expressed more visibly and others are hidden behind the scenes. However all are important to the health of the church. There is plenty of room in our family for you! Romans 12: 3-6, 18; Ephesians 4: 16; I Peter 4: 10; I Corinthians 12: 7

VIII. Christ’s Return
Jesus Christ will return to earth as Lord and savior to consummate His Kingdom, in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost. Those who are saved will be resurrected to eternal life and those who rejected Christ will be lost unto the resurrection of eternal hell. John 5: 28 -29; Mark 14: 62; II Thessalonians 1: 2-10; Revelation 1: 5-7; 20: 4-5, 11-12; I Corinthians 15: 52-53; I Thessalonian 4: 17-18.